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Matchstick Models

We’re always delighted to hear our customers stories and see their wonderful models and artwork.

One customer, Richard Frampton, recently got in touch with us to show us his matchstick models.

Made on the Isle of Wight, each model takes approximately 9 months to make and uses around 8000 matchsticks!

They are simply amazing and must take much dedication, patience and of course a steady hand! Take a look at these stunning models below;

A Wartime Tractor, Fordson, Type N

(Image in banner above)

Flying Boat, Saunders Roe Princess

Matchstick Models

Short Belfast Aircraft, (only 10 aircraft were manufactured for the RAF)

Matchstick Models

If these models inspire you, there is lots of information on the internet to get you started. For beginners or children, this site has a lovely star to make, a great way to begin, with instructions and a video.

You can of course find natural matchsticks on our website here.